• London launch of the report Migrant Detention in the European Union: A Thriving Business Outsourcing and privatization of migrant detention

    6pm, Tuesday 28th March at Praxis, Pott Street, London E2 0EF

    In the UK, corporations like G4S, Serco, Mitie and Capita make millions locking up migrants in privately run detention centres. Many other less known companies also jostle for contracts in the detention industry, for example providing healthcare, cleaning or construction services. Britain is a pioneer in detention outsourcing, hurtling towards the model of the massive US private prison industry.
    But detention outsourcing is also taking off across Europe. This meeting will present a new (...) Read more

  • International Meeting "Hotspots" and "processing centres" : The new forms of the European policy of externalisation, encampment and sorting of exiles, Calais (12/12/2015) 

    Videos of the interventions

    In spring 2015, after the arrival and shipwrecks of thousands peoples on its coasts, the European Union (EU) adopted the "hotspot approach" and "processing centres",“new” tools and terminology supposedly able to address the poorly named “migration crisis”.
    In order to exchange on these EU projects and their effects which can already be observed in a number of regions, the network members and their local partners organised on the 12th December 2015 in Calais an international public meeting (...) Read more

  • Deaths in the Mediterranean: the European Council’s dishonour

    Brussels, 24 April 2015
    23 April 2015 was a terrible day: the European Council, that was at last to “take action” as regards a “tragic” situation in the Mediterranean, merely attempted to shelter the European Union and its Member States from migrants by toughening border protection.
    The European Union Heads of Government, who met with great ado, had but one message for those thousands of human beings – men, women and children – who risk death and often find it, attempting to reach a place to (...) Read more

  • Messengers

    A documentary of Hélène CROUZILLAT and Laetitia TURA

    “Where are they, all these persons gone but never arrived?”Messengers is on the fragile limit that separate alive migrants and dead ones. This focus on dead people with no tomb questions the ghost part of Europe.
    Charlotte Garson for the « Catalogue du Cinéma du Réel », 2014
    Trailer: https://vimeo.com/107571334
    From the Sahara to Melilla, witnesses talk about how they narrowly escaped death, which took away their companions, literally and symbolically, as migrants drowned at the border. People (...) Read more

  • No respect for Human Rights with Frontex

    As the European Council meets to adopt strategic guidelines that will shape future EU policies in the area of freedom, security and justice, “Incompatibility between Frontex’s activities and the full respect of fundamental rights persists,” reaffirms the Frontexit Campaign. Frontexit is publishing today an overview of the information it has collected about the Agency since the campaign’s launch in March 2013.
    We trust that the new guidelines will take into account the tragic death of 366 (...) Read more

  • 63 Migrants Died in the Mediterranean - The French Army to Finally Explain Itself

    Paris, June 26, 2014 - Pursuant to the disastrous Left-to-die-boat incident which took the life, in March 2011, of 63 people near the coast of Libya, at the height of the the Mediterranean military operations, a few survivors and several organisations filed a complaint on June 14, 2013, accusing the French army of not providing assistance to persons in danger.
    Without the slightest investigation investigating, the presiding judge, on December 6, 2013, announced there was no grounds to (...) Read more

  • Mustafa’s journey

    Atlas des Migrants 2017

    ‘We are not refugees, we are humans,’ summed up Mustafa at the end of a speech in which he patiently retraced the steps of his migratory journey at a cartographic workshop held at Athens’ City Plaza (a squat in a former hotel which lodges over 700 refugees).
    This veritable personal map gave a telling account of the physical and mental trials incurred in the journey, and brought to light, through the prism of feelings and memories, an experience of migration that has become a daily (...) Read more

  • City Plaza Hotel: a landmark of solidarity in Athens

    Atlas des Migrants 2017

    These illustrations were born from encounters. Beyond discussions, there sometimes emerge links of fondness and friendship between migrants, activists and researchers, which can produce crucial information for our understanding of seemingly inconceivable processes.
    As soon as the “migration corridor” was closed in Spring 2016, the streets of the Greek capital became home to more than 25,000 homeless people. In opposition to the “encampment policy” of the Greek government, squats were opened (...) Read more



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