• Atlas of migration in Europe, a critical geography of migration policies


    Since the mid-1980s, European countries have been strengthening controls on migration at their borders, as well as in transit countries. As a result, migrants’ routes have become increasingly dangerous.
    In 2013, it is impossible to ignore the dramas taking place at the EU’s borders. Every year, hundreds of exiles die, by drowning, exhaustion, on overloaded boats and along millitarized land borders.
    In a context of major economic crisis, the situation does not seem set to improve. For (...) Read more

  • Frontex : Controlling or Saving Lives?

    Six days after the “tragedy of Lampedusa”, while the search for the shipwrecked continues and the number of recovered bodies rises daily, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström, is sending out a misleading message: the solution to prevent the deaths at sea would be to speed up the installation of Eurosur so as to better detect the boats of refugees at sea, and invest additional resources to launch a large scale search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean, (...) Read more