Europe’s Murderous Borders (2009)

Migreurop 2009 Report on the violation of human rights at borders

- Illegal deportations at the Greek-Turkish border

- Oujda : Buffer zone between Morocco and Algeria, airlock to Europe

- Calais and North of France : roving zone, England doors

- Lampedusa, sentinel’s Island of Europe

For its first Annual report on the violation of human rights at borders, Migreurop
has chosen to maintain the four symbolic poles of the misdeeds of the policy enacted
by the European Union in the field of immigration and asylum. The Greek-Turkish
border, the Calais region in north-western France, that of Oujda in eastern Morocco
and the island of Lampedusa in the far south of Italy, are as many stops, more or less
lengthy, sometimes definitive, in the odyssey of thousands of people who, every year,
by trying to reach Europe, seek to escape the fate that they have been dealt through
chosen or forced exile.


Europe’s murderous borders

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