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  1. Atlas of migration in Europe

    A critical geography of migration policies

    Since the mid-1980s, European countries continue to strengthen immigration controls at their borders, as well as in transit countries. As a result, migrants’ routes become more and more dangerous and the poorest population of the planet is assigned to “house arrest”.
    In 2013 it wouldn’t be possible for an Atlas on European Union (EU) asylum and immigration policies to ignore the dramatic situations permanently ongoing at its borders. Every year, hundreds of exiles die, by drowning, by (...) La suite

  2. Atlas de Migreurop et base de données

    L’« Atlas de Migreurop » permettra de rassembler les informations de base sur les parcours migratoires et les différents aspects des camps d’étrangers en Europe et à la périphérie. La suite

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