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  1. Iran

    Country visit, Special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, OHCHR, Iran, 2004
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  2. Italie

    Al di la del muro, Viaggio nei centri per migranti in Italia, febbraio 2010, Médecins sans frontières, Medici senza frontiere
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    UN Security Council, Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary (...) La suite

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  3. Grèce

    Migrants in detention - Lives on hold
    With this report MSF aims to raise awareness and express concerns about the impact of the current detention system on the mental health and wellbeing of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Greece.
    Unsafe and unwelcoming shores, Human rights watch, 12 october 2009
    Conditions des ressortissants de pays tiers retenus dans des (...) La suite

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  4. Hongrie

    Detention of Asylum seekers in Hungary. Hungarian Helskinki Comittee, 2007
    Conditions des ressortissants de pays tiers retenus dans des centres (camps de détention, centres ouverts ; ainsi que des zones de transit), avec une attention particulière portée aux services et moyens en faveurs des personnes aux besoins spécifiques,
    étude STEPS Consulting social pour le parlement européen, 2007 (...) La suite

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  5. Hong Kong

    Detention of asylum seekers in Hong Kong, an overview based on past detainee experiences, Franscisco Vescio, July 2007 La suite

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