• The French-Italian border: at the heart of violence and of violation of rights

    Atlas of migrants 2017

    In the heart of the Schengen area, the border between France and Italy – which has been crossed by migratory movements for many centuries – has been closed, with the restoration of internal border controls in November 2015
    Now becoming a militarized and controlled area, the French-Italian border has highlighted for three years migration policies aiming to push back so-called migrant people, in disregard of fundamental rights : ethnic profiling, forced returns without respect for procedures, (...) Read more

  • Freedom of movement

    Freedom of movement, understood as a fundamental right with the potential of advancing equality and recognising our common humanity, is a key claim of the Migreurop network. While carrying a strong political message, freedom of movement has never been actually implemented: it remains a utopia with a mobilising potential, to be opposed to the dystopia of an immobile and segregated world.
    As evoked in the title of this map, "free movements" however exist. They cut across spaces and people. (...) Read more

  • City Plaza Hotel: a landmark of solidarity in Athens

    Atlas des Migrants 2017

    These illustrations were born from encounters. Beyond discussions, there sometimes emerge links of fondness and friendship between migrants, activists and researchers, which can produce crucial information for our understanding of seemingly inconceivable processes.
    As soon as the “migration corridor” was closed in Spring 2016, the streets of the Greek capital became home to more than 25,000 homeless people. In opposition to the “encampment policy” of the Greek government, squats were opened (...) Read more

  • Mustafa’s journey

    Atlas des Migrants 2017

    ‘We are not refugees, we are humans,’ summed up Mustafa at the end of a speech in which he patiently retraced the steps of his migratory journey at a cartographic workshop held at Athens’ City Plaza (a squat in a former hotel which lodges over 700 refugees).
    This veritable personal map gave a telling account of the physical and mental trials incurred in the journey, and brought to light, through the prism of feelings and memories, an experience of migration that has become a daily (...) Read more

  • Letter from Mathilde to Ahmed

    Atlas des Migrants 2017

    Migrants caught in the net of immigration controls on their journeys are often buffeted by obstacles and dangers. But alongside these known risks of crossing borders, less often appreciated are the bonds of trust, even friendship, that are created along the way. The images on this page retrace the encounter between Mathilde, a French-German woman living in Marseille, and Ahmed, an Algerian travelling through the city on his journey from Algeria to England (see the map Sans travail ou sans (...) Read more

  • Calais: 20 years of (in)hospitality

    Atlas of Migration 2017

    For 20 years, exiles transiting through the city of Calais and its vicinity have been confronted with police operations forcing them into areas with often inhuman and degrading living conditions. When these sites become too visible, they are systematically dismantled. This was the case with the Sangatte camp in December 2002, for a large part of the jungle in 2009, when squats and scattered settlements in Calais were closed in the winter of 2015, or when the slums surrounding the Jules (...) Read more

  • Encampment and migrants wandering the streets of Paris (Paris, the new border-city?)

    Atlas of Migration 2017

    Public administrations or specialised agencies are not the only ones producing data: not for profit organisations and collectives supporting migrants also collect information that helps capture – in a very precise manner – what exiles endure.
    Since 2014, thousands of exiles have been living on the streets of Paris. Most if not all of them gather, forming makeshift camps and squats to resist hunger, thirst or fear. The city police and the riot police force dismantle these camps using their (...) Read more

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