“Moving Beyond Borders”

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“Moving Beyond Borders”

An itinerant exhibition by Migreurop, designed by Etrange Miroir. At the Bulco of Calais from December 2 to December 17, 2015.

Interactive, multimedia and accessible to all, the exhibition aims to fight prejudices about migrants and to denounce the policies that marginalise migrants as “unwanted” on European territory.

This exhibition, designed by Étrange Miroir, explores the journeys of migrants and highlights the measures which are responsible for their perilous crossing of the Sahara, the Mediterranean Sea and/or the Eastern borders of the European Union.

Set up as part of Migreurop’s Open Access Now and Frontexit campaigns, Moving Beyond Borders (MBB) is an awareness-building tool, open to the general public, observing migration from both a militant and artistic angle. Its aim is to share knowledge, accumulated over the last 10 years, of the obstacles, injustice and violation of migrants’ rights, as well as to highlight a new vision of the world in which freedom to circulate would be guaranteed to one and all and would be a means of transforming the current social order into a fairer and more just model of society.

This itinerant MBB exhibition offers a multimedia approach to the realities of migration. Maps, to provide an overview of the routes people take and the way in which border control moves and is outsourced. Photographs to illustrate the consequences of security-based management of the migration issue, as observed in Europe and beyond. Soundscapes to accompany and emphasize the different elements exhibited. The exhibition is made up of five interactive modules, the first three dealing with contemporary facts, while the last modules show two imaginary and opposing scenarios of the potential development in European migration policy.

Etrange Miroir, Migreurop, the BULCO, the Plate-forme de Services aux Migrants, the Carrefour de la Solidarité and the Secours Catholique Nord-Pas-de-Calais invite you to discover the exhibition “Moving Beyond Borders” (MBB).

November 25, 2015

(190 Rue Ferdinand Buisson, 62106 Calais)

From 6 years old – Free entrance

From Wednesday, December 2 to Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monday to Wednesday: 7.45 am to 7pm
Thursday & Friday: 7.45 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 12 am
Night opening on December 8, until 8 pm.

CONTACT: expombb@gmail.com

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  • Lucie Bacon
  • Olivier Clochard
  • Thomas Honoré
  • Nicolas Lambert
  • Philippe Rekacewicz


  • Claire Beilvert
  • Giovanni Cocco
  • Olmo Calvo Rodriguez
  • Olivier Jobard
  • Sara Prestianni
  • José Palazón
  • Alessandro Penso


  • Raphaël Rialland
  • Guillaume Moitessier
  • Xavier Seignard
  • Anne-Sophie Llebel
  • Clément Mouturier
  • Robin Lombardet
  • Noé Rialland
  • Mariane Moula
  • Marie Arlais
  • Laure-Anne Bomati
  • Riwanon Quéré
  • Matthieu Goulard


Photo Marine Simon (2015) (c) Migreurop


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